Wasabi Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse

Wasabi Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse

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Wasabi Steak & Sushi is the premier dining location for Japanese cuisines. Consistently voted as a top dining destination. A clean modern decor and sophisticated interior sets the perfect atmosphere for an unparalleled dining experience.

Whether you are in the mood for a celebration or looking for a quiet romantic evening. Wasabi is the perfect venue for any occasion. Enter the Hibachi dining room where veteran chefs prepare spectacular displays of food right before your eyes. For guests who prefer more intimate surroundings, the traditional dining room offers the finest sushi and modern Japanese cuisines. Regardless of your dining preference, Wasabi is confident you will taste the difference that lies in the stellar quality and freshness of their carefully selected ingredients.

Store hours

Tuesday - Lunch: 11:30am-2:30pm
Tuesday - Dinner: 4:30pm-9pm
Wednesday - Lunch: 11:30am-2:30pm
Wednesday - Dinner: 4:30pm-9pm
Thursday - Lunch: 11:30am-2:30pm
Thursday - Dinner: 4:30pm-9pm
Friday - Lunch: 11:30am-2:30pm
Friday - Dinner: 4:30pm-9pm
Saturday - Lunch: 11:30am-10pm
Saturday - DInner: 11:30am-9pm
Sunday - Lunch: 11:30am-10pm
Sunday - Dinner: 11:30am-9pm

Location in Outlet

Level 4

More Info

(212) 660-9393