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Meet Your Bees 7.14

Experience a day in the life of a beekeeper. Join Alveole in opening and inspecting a real hive full of buzzing bees. From basic beekeeping tools to the inner workshops of the hive, the beekeeper will take you through a memorable experience that is sure to create a lasting sense of wonder. The beekeeper will walk through the hive’s different products (wax, pollen, honey, and propolis) and introduce you to the different members of the hive: the female worker bees, male drones and (if you get extra lucky!) Her Majesty the Queen Bee.

This is a FREE Workshop! Taking place at the Level 4 beehives, right next to Clinton Hall on July 14th at 2pm.


Thursday, July 14th at 2pm


Level 4 Beehives next to Clinton Hall